About Virtmedia

VirtMedia is a leading content developer for the augmented reality applications. Augmented Reality is represented by a virtual layer that exists between the real world and smart devices. The AR layer is a canvas that is relatively untouched. The virtual layer can be images, animations, video, and interactive media that is presented to a viewer through technologies like augmented reality.

The VirtMedia team is a dedicated group of out-of-the-box thinkers, designers and developers that work together to build innovated virtual content solutions for our clients. Our focus on augmented reality solutions allow us to build high quality virtual experiences.

Mark Connell – CEO and Founder

Mark Connell is a augmented reality evangelist and a technology start-up veteran. Mark has worked with many technologies over the last 20 years including AR, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. He is a pioneer in “Functional AR”, the use of AR recognition and overlay techniques combined with traditional web technologies to created daily use applications.

In addition to founding VirtMedia, Mark was involved in the early development of VRML. He built the first virtual reality town hall meeting for a candidate running for U.S. Congress. He was also a finalist for the Loebner Prize, an Turing Test artificial intelligence competition.

Mark founded several start-up companies specializing in healthcare and travel technology. In 1999, he co-founded USIdea, an idea incubator designed to create technology-based ventures. USIdea produced several companies, including MedCareers, a physician staffing company and nPorta, a travel technology company. Mark has led development and infrastructure for other companies and has consulted with many top corporations.

Susanne Flynn

Susanne Flynn is a seasoned entrepreneur and specializing in the travel and real estate industries. Susanne has owned many internet based businesses with platforms rivaling Priceline, Kayak, and For Sale By Owner.com. Susanne’s vision, marketing experience and knowledge of technology has allowed her to consult with large corporations and help them achieve their marketing and revenue enhancement goals.

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