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VirtMedia Highlighted in AR Dirt Podcast

VirtMedia was chosen as one of the “Links of the Show” for a recent AR Dirt Podcast. AR Dirt is a podcast and news site that focuses on emerging technology in the augmented reality world.

AR Dirt has special guests and does a great job in covering augmented reality news and companies. You can listen to the podcast online. VirtMedia is highlighted toward the end of the show. Thanks to AR Dirt for the nice comments about VirtMedia.

Jake’s Augmented Reality Magic Trick

Jake performs an augmented reality magic trick. It appears simple at first but there is some additional trickery involved. See if you can figure it out. Contact us if you think you have the answer.

Real Estate Agent of the Future – Augmented Reality Enabled

With Augmented Reality, VirtMedia helps agents tie together print advertising with their online resources. Triggering off of the picture of a property, the user immediately is presented with video of the property. With a quick tap, the user can call or email the agent, completing the loop and connecting leads quickly and easily. And the attention of a cutting edge advertising campaign brings attention and publicity. Check out our example so you can see how powerful the technology is in action:

VirtMedia “Virtual Shopper” App Released

VirtMedia’s “Virtual Shopper” is a lightweight app that quickly recognizes books and gives timely information while you shop. You can check prices and reviews and purchase a physical or digital book directly from the cover of a book. The virtual shopper is embedded in the VirtMedia app. You will find the VirtMedia app in your app store (iTunes and Google Play)

One of the first “Functional AR” applications, it incorporates augmented reality into a “daily use” application.

Find the book with the “Register to Win a Free iPad” button and register for the chance to win a new iPad! Look for the specially marked book in the new arrivals and best sellers. The book changes daily and you can enter once a day to the contest. Contest ends January 15, 2013.

The app works on books wherever they are found, bookstores, libraries, grocery stores, and even in your home. There are currently hundreds of books “enhanced” with AR and more added daily. In bookstores, look in the new arrivals and best sellers for VirtMedia enhanced books.

Huffington Post Article Highlights VirtMedia AR in 2012 Presidential Race

The Huffington Post highlights augmented reality in the political arena and uses the VirtMedia developed augmented reality political sign video as an example of AR being used for political campaigns.

Check out the entire article.

From the comments in the article, VirtMedia was the first to use augmented reality on a political campaign.

We can help you create a groundbreaking augmented reality experience in your industry and the next article will be about you and your organization.