VirtMedia Virtual Shopper Find highlighted book register to win free iPad.
Ad / Experiential Marketing AR works great in experiential marketing.
Augmented Reality T-Shirts We bring merchandise to life.
Augmented Reality Shopping Augmented Reality brings the crowds to you.
  • Museums


    Paintings and Exhibits Come to Life

    Museum visitors see exhibits come to life and have access to information about the piece and artist in a multimedia presentation layered on a painting or accompanying image.  Cutting edge technology brings new visitors in to see your feature exhibits.

    Artist Introductions

    Location triggers can allow an artist or curator give a virtual presentation and guide visitors to the exhibit or specific exhibit locations.   Augmented reality allows for custom layered presentations that aren't practical in a traditional museum space.
  • Real Estate


    Print Advertising Come to Life!

    The Real Estate Agent of the future ties together their print and online campaigns. With augmented reality and VirtMedia, print campaigns quickly become virtual. AR allows viewers of print to see online video and immediately interact with the agent. It's quick, easy and effective.

    Online Tours From Print

    Print Viewers can easily see video tours, 3D replicas of the property, and immediately be connected with the agent through phone or email. It's easy and fun. AR technology will get you noticed as a top producer and on the cutting edge of the profession. View our example!
  • Restaurant / Pub


    Interactive Content and Offers

    Imagine "hiding" virtual themed special offers found by customers interactively viewing items and locations in your restaurant or pub. You can welcome customers to your place with a virtual spokesperson and give daily special or special offers.

    Restaurant and Pub Themed Virtual Content

    A menu can come alive. A sports bar can trigger great moments in sports history by bringing to life the pictures and items on the walls. An Irish pub can show the history and migration of the people of Ireland. An rich layer of multimedia can be available for your customers through augmented reality.
  • Travel and Tours


    Location Triggered Content

    Augmented reality can be triggered by images or objects but it can also be triggered by locations. Multimedia and 3D animation can be developed to show visitors at locations. The content can introduce the location and point out special features or it can be just for entertainment or a real world virtual game.

    Virtual Tours

    The new way of giving a virtual tour combines location, audio, video, and animation to provide a rich media experience for tourists and visitors. Layers of content can be spread around tourist and city destinations and give visitors the full guide treatment along with directions, information, and even current events.
  • Experiential


    Experiential Marketing

    AR experiential marketing inspires action from consumers and can also showcase and educate consumers about new products. AR presentations create the spark that helps your teams draw crowds and engage them in meaningful interactions.


    Eye Popping Experiences

    Work with VirtMedia to create eye-popping experiential marketing campaigns that will impress your clients and engage your target market. Augmented Reality and experiential marketing goes hand in hand with applications like augmented reality game pieces, street interactions, and street exhibits.

VirtMedia’s “Virtual Shopper” is a lightweight app that quickly recognizes books and gives timely information while you shop. You can check prices and reviews and purchase a physical or digital book directly from the cover of a book. The virtual shopper is embedded in the VirtMedia app. You will find the VirtMedia app in your app store (iTunes and Google Play)

One of the first “Functional AR” applications, it incorporates augmented reality into a “daily use” application.

Find the book with the “Register to Win a Free iPad” button and register for the chance to win a new iPad! Look for the specially marked book in the new arrivals and best sellers. The book changes daily and you can enter once a day to the contest. Contest ends January 15, 2013.

The app works on books wherever they are found, bookstores, libraries, grocery stores, and even in your home. There are currently hundreds of books “enhanced” with AR and more added daily. In bookstores, look in the new arrivals and best sellers for VirtMedia enhanced books.

The Huffington Post highlights augmented reality in the political arena and uses the VirtMedia developed augmented reality political sign video as an example of AR being used for political campaigns.

Check out the entire article.

From the comments in the article, VirtMedia was the first to use augmented reality on a political campaign.

We can help you create a groundbreaking augmented reality experience in your industry and the next article will be about you and your organization.

People are starting to hear more and more about augmented reality. Trust me, you’ll hear even more about it soon. Augmented Reality will change the way you interact with the world.

One way to look at augmented reality is to envision a layer of content. This layer of content lies between a real world object and a person. This content can be viewed with an augmented reality viewer, most likely through an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Eventually, it will be with technologies such as Google Glasses or even contact lenses. The person can view the layer of content by pointing the viewer at a location or an object that triggers the content layer. The viewer can recognize images, objects, and location.

The layer of content is currently like fresh snow with very few footprints on it. It will eventually be full of content, so much that people will be able to choose a stream of content from a group of content providers.

Augmented reality matters because it is a new world that is as much of a game changer as the development of the web. The web changed how people interacted with people, companies, and information through a computer. Augmented reality is going to change how people interact with everything in the real world.

After you’ve been developing for augmented reality for a period of time, you start seeing everything in the real world as a potential place to put enhanced content. The content is robust and can include 3D animation, video, images, and programmed interaction. These pieces of content are laid over the real work object, augmenting or enhancing the real world experience. The potential of the technology is huge. I’ll be talking more about other applications in my next blog entry.

Virtual media, like the internet and smart phones, is changing the world and how we interact with it. Every object and location will be tagged with virtual content that will be accessible through the viewer of a smart device.

Invisible to the naked eye, virtual content layers will influence how we look at objects, from consumer products, to art, to advertising.

VirtMedia has relationships with most of the top augmented reality technologies.  We consult with our clients and pick the best technology to match their needs and budget.
  • Aurasma
  • Layer
  • Total Immersion
  • Metaio \ Junaio
  • Qualcomm / Vuforia
  • Wikitude